Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fresh produce in November? ... YES PLEASE!

Hey all,

I'm sure you have noticed that fruits and vegetables are seriously terrible in grocery stores and local markets right now. A lot of yummy fruits and vegetables are just not in season any more. Do not fret, you can still get fabulous fresh and local produce! The next few months of recipes on The Monday to Friday vegetarian will use mostly in season produce to help give you some ideas for potatoes and squash. Plus there are tons of fall and winter inspired recipes out there that you can find to try and use more of the foods that are currently available.

I just came across an amazing company that works with family farms in Waterloo, Wellington and Perth regions to connect people with fresh, local and organic food. Loft Market has drop off points throughout Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge and Guelph - either Tuesday or Thursday every week.

For current offerings and online order form click here.

I seriously urge you to try and avoid foods traveling from distant lands this fall and winter. It can be difficult, but make a committment that makes sense for you - for example, no berries until summer or 10% of all foods eaten are local. Try and make some butternut squash soup to can or freeze so you have local food throughout the winter season.

All your efforts will support local farmers and a sustainable food system. Share your recipe ideas here with the rest of us and places where you find great local food.

Much love & good eating,


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