Sunday, July 25, 2010

KindFood Cafe - Burlington, ON

Mmmm.... makes me excited just thinking about my experience at KindFood this past weekend in Burlington, Ontario. After an hour of shoe shopping, I was starving. What are your choices when away from home to eat out? Hamburgers & fries, semi-fresh pizza, or coffee shop treats - ugh, it all made me feel a bit queezy just thinking about it. I had heard of a new little place and went out of my way down to John st. & Lakeshore to this cafe/food shop called KindFood. A pink & lime green patio greeted me and inside was a small vegetarian menu board, loads of fresh smoothies, organic produce, fresh bread and tons of vegetarian food stuff.

The staff were super friendly and seemed genuinely happy to be there. The place was easy to navigate, it was packed with people and the atmosphere was warm & welcoming. I ordered a B.L.A.T. sandwich with veggie bacon, avacado and vegganaise on gluten-free bread. I also purchased a green smoothie (which was half-way done by the time I left).

Man it was good. I definitely recommend visiting KindFood the next time you are in downtown Burlington. The food was absolutely amazing, quick & healthy when you're on the go and you can grab a couple of organic & local grocery items while you wait. The best part is, after eating on-the-go I didn't have that sick feeling you get after a greasy burger, taco or slice - I headed back on the road for my trip back to Waterloo in great time, a full tummy and with a new favourite spot in Burlington. Check out their website @

Yum Yum. I'll be back soon!

Much love & good eating,



  1. i checked out this place a few weeks ago because of your blog steph! it was inspiring for me, loved the vegan bakery aspect of it too ;-)