Sunday, November 27, 2011

Local Eats: Winter CSA in KW - Waterloo Region

I just wanted to let all my local followers know there is a wonderful winter CSA being offered in the Waterloo Region. Stu & I participated last year and it was a wonderful way to continue to cook and eat local dishes throughout the winter... which can be a real challange - especially with organics! I find often the grocery store may have seasonal items like squash, beets, carrots and other root vegetables but they are still travelling distances to the shelves. And often organics are being shipped from California or across the ocean.

Click on the PDF below to learn about this great CSA, where you get to select what you want every 2 weeks, instead of just a big pick-up of weird things you don't know what to do with! Theresa also has yummy canned foods and frozen items too. As well as specialty items on occasion... like fresh citrus from Florida.

Here are some yummy items I got from Garden Party last year (parsnips, onions, apples, yams...)

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