Monday, September 27, 2010

Product Review - Yves "Veggie Chicken Vindaloo"

Fast, easy meal idea - Veggie Vindaloo with rice &

It's great to have a few quick, vegetarian meal ideas for when you've had a long day and cooking seems like a chore. If you're trying to eat less meat, thinking about quick & easy recipes every night of the week can also be a challenge. Although, it's not ideal to rely on these pre-prepared foods everyday, having things like veggie burgers, or other veggie protein products a couple days of the week is fine. Try to complete the meal with whole foods like vegetables, fruit and a starch (rice, pasta, potatoes, or bread).

There are some really interesting veggie products out there, so we decided to try a couple and see what they are like. This product, Yves "Veggie Chicken Vindaloo" was surprisingly tasty and not too bad nutritionally. The salt content was a little high, but this is mostly the case when purchasing pre-packaged products. We stir-fryed up some spinach, potatoes and green beans, peppers or zucchini would also be great. We also served the veggie vindaloo with some brown rice.

If you like middle Eastern flavours, I would definitely recommend trying this product. The texture was pretty good, close to the texture of chicken and there was just enough sauce for our rice. Place the closed plastic package in boiling water for a couple minutes, then cut open and squeeze all the sauce onto your plate. A yummy alternative to chicken.
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