Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top 10 obstacles to being a Monday to Friday Vegetarian

10. A pharmaceutical rep. brings lunch with sad looking vegetarian sub options - ick.

9. Going out for dinner with friends to a restaurant with no healthy OR tasty vegetarian options.

8. Leftovers in the fridge from the weekend that included meat, it's quick and easy.

7. Going into the store to get groceries and smelling the freshly cooked whole chickens and potato wedges.

6. Seeing one last pizza pocket in the freezer - you really should eat it to get rid of it.

5. No dinner planned and now it's 6:30 - meat options sometimes seem like the easy choice.

4. Your partner really wants meat and can't stand vegetarian meals (or so he/she thinks).

3. That old craving for meat when you feel really hungry.

2. Pizza parties at work with little vegetarian options (pizza is a real hurdle for me).

1. The habit of filling sandwiches, salads, and suppers with meat.

We can break the habit. There are ways to get over all these obstacles. It just takes a little bit of time, practice and planning. Learning about menu options before you choose a restaurant or packing lots of really good, veg food for work or school so you are not tempted will definitely help. The more vegetarian foods you cook and try the more you will realize you can get full from meals including foods like Quinoa, Rice, beans, nuts, soy, TVP and fibre-rich vegetables like broccoli, spinach and green beans.

When planning your day and filling up your meals, use the vegetarian food guide rainbow to make sure you get all the foods you should in a day. It's key to eat healthy as a vegetarian to have enough energy and nutrients to support your body. It's not about just salad!

Download your copy of the Vegetarian food guide rainbow @ http://www.dietitians.ca/news/downloads/vege_guide(EN).pdf

Comment on any obstacles you encounter when you are trying to avoid meat. What tempts you away from eating vegetarian?

Much love and good eating,


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